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travel hacks
travel hacks

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7 Travel Hacks To Save You £££s

Get the most out of your holiday with these simple tips that'll make your money go further!
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There are lots of ways to save money and make your holiday funds go further. Here are a few tips to keep in mind... 

Travel off-peak  

If you can, avoid going away during school holidays to bag those cheaper deals. Having a staycation? Travelling on trains after 9am will save you pounds – plus, some rail firms offer discounts if you’re travelling in a group.  

Don’t use the airport bureau de change  

If you’ve left it to the last minute, getting your holiday currency at the airport will usually cost you more. Look online for the best exchange rates and lock in your savings early! 

Book in advance 

Planning ahead is one of the best ways to save cash on your hols. You'll often find cheaper tickets, rooms and excursions this way, and you can also search for free attractions and discounts while you’re doing your research. Don’t forget to keep checking back to see if the prices change! Sign up to rewards programs to collect points for money off or get cashback offers, too. 

Use pre-payment cards  

Loading up a pre-payment card, like Revolut or Monzo, can really help you keep within your budget. They usually give you better exchange rates when going abroad than just using your debit card, and some provide added perks, like cashback and even travel insurance. Importantly, they can give you added security, if you’d rather not carry around wads of cash. If you are paying by card or using ATMs overseas, choosing to pay in the local currency usually gives you a better rate, too. 

Buy a local sim card  

Many of us would be lost without our smartphones but overseas data roaming charges can be super-costly. Instead, get cheaper data with a local sim card when you arrive at your destination. Or, for even more convenience, look online for purse-friendly e-sim card offers before you travel.   

Use public transport  

Whether you’re travelling at home or away, using local buses, trains and trams can shave precious pounds off your holiday expenses. Consider buying a travel card, if you’re staying for a few days or more, and get familiar with local public transport routes. Finding your way around a new city or country can be a great confidence boost. 

Stick to a budget 

Once you’ve decided on how much you can comfortably spend on your trip, stick to it! If you're able to, add a small buffer to allow for any unexpected costs (we're talking surprise baggage fees, not that cute pair of sandals). By keeping within – or at the very least close to – your budget, you can ensure your holiday remains the stress-free break it should be! 

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